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"Set Download Location..." is wrongly preventing relocation due to not enough free space


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I have stopped a torrent, then behind the scenes I've moved the files to another drive letter (for example if the files were stored on a networked drive and then moved to another networked drive by the server instead of by utorrent, while the torrent was stopped in utorrent). Then I try to tell utorrent of this new location by doing RMB->Advanced->Set Download Location...  and point to the new location, but this fails because I've not enough space on the destination(true, I cannot store one more copy of the entire torrent contents), even though the original files no longer exist where utorrent thinks they are, but they exist instead in the destination. So utorrent wrongly thinks it has to move them and thus ensures the destination has enough space. But no moving will be done by utorrent anyway(in this particular case), even if I had enough space. And no recheck is being done which is great!

So, if utorrent would be smart and realize that the files were moved without its knowledge(and still not cause a recheck) and not bother checking for free space, that would be great.


utorrent 3.5.5 beta build 45916 32 bit, windows


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I have found a rather adequate workaround: "mklink /j" which means I can make a directory symlink in the old location pointing to the new one (even though it's on a different drive letter).

C:\>mklink /?
Creates a symbolic link.

MKLINK [[/D] | [/H] | [/J]] Link Target

        /D      Creates a directory symbolic link.  Default is a file
                symbolic link.
        /H      Creates a hard link instead of a symbolic link.
        /J      Creates a Directory Junction.
        Link    specifies the new symbolic link name.
        Target  specifies the path (relative or absolute) that the new link
                refers to.


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