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on-the-fly piece checking, while seeding, before or after uploading it


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It would be nice to have an option to enable utorrent to check each uploaded piece's checksum, even if it would do it only after it's done uploading it(though ideally it would do it before). I realize this may be complex to do maybe, because it can upload slices of a piece instead of entire piece (or is this only happening at download time?) ...

This would help detect whether the current user(uploader) had modified the files locally such as changed mp3 ID tag data and utorrent had no idea about it (unless maybe utorrent can monitor all files of a seeding torrent? but then what if it changed when utorrent wasn't running, meh)... if that happened then utorrent would upload a bad checksum piece and eventually the peers would ban the user and user would have no idea of the ban, or why it happened and user would keep seeding the broken torrent.


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