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option to automatically find relocated(by user) torrent contents


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I have a few hundred torrents that had completed, I moved their contents to read only media(eg. a networked drive letter which can't be written to) while utorrent wasn't running and then when I started utorrent these torrents are now in a state of "Error: Files missing from the job..." (because they are on a different drive letter and directory path). So all I have to manually do is on each torrent, RMB->Advanced->Set Download Location and point to the relocated torrent contents and I'm immediately able to start/seed the torrent. Doing this manually for hundreds of torrents is cumbersome, so I figured it would be nice for utorrent to have a RMB->Advanced  menu item that would automatically scan for the torrent's new location. Perhaps a list of folders to scan within can be used(so that it doesn't go scanning each drive letter available in the system), which the user presumably already filled in somewhere in preferences. So if such a feature would exist, I'd select 500+ torrents, "RMB->Advanced->Attempt to find torrent's new location" or something, and utorrent will attempt to scan for each torrent in turn (ie. not all at the same time) and due to filesystem caching the next torrents will be blazingly fast to scan for (ie. just try to find the folder and file names and match the sizes(or whatever RMB->Advanced->Set Download Location  already does), by searching for say parent folder ... recursively in the entire system even network drive letters - or if that user specified list of folders feat. exists, then only in those, recursively)


You get the point :)


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