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uTorrent detected as malicious virus, despite allow exceptions and turning off firewall


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A little over 3 weeks, uTorrent disappeared from my desktop. Couldn't find it in downloads either. Since about November it was getting blocked by firewall, but I was able to "allow" it under "Actions" via Windows "reputation-based protection" under the "App & browser control." But since 3 weeks ago, the "allow" option is no longer there, and now uTorrent is treated as malicious and removed no matter what I do, I cannot re-install it (or ANY torrent software for that matter). Yes, it is on my "exceptions" list for public and private. All boxes are checked.

I've tried every which way to download and install. Went down quite a few rabbit holes on the internet. Yes, I've turned all firewalls off (public, private, and network), rebooted, but to no avail.

Can someone please help me?

Best, AK

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totally by accident, which is why I am hoping this helps anyone else who may encounter my issue.

I basically turned off all my "Reputation-based protection". The firewalls are all still on (public, private, domain), but I think this screenshot attached was the culprit, as I'm guessing some update changed/added these settings and crippled my ability to use uTorrent. I probably don't need to turn all of these off, but hey it works, and I don't want to play around trying to figure out which of these was causing the specific problem (but if I were to guess it was probably both the 1st and 3rd). 

Hope this helps others!

Best AK   

reputation based protection.jpg

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