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2 instances of µTorrent on one computer (possible?)


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does anyone know how i would be able to run 2 instances of µTorrent on the same account? i would like to have one of them downloading to one folder, and the other downloading to another. both accounts will have torrents loading from different folders (using the auto load feature)

any ideas will be helpful

thanks :)


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To temporarily use two instances, simply re-run uTorrent from the Run box and add the "/recover" switch. But the problem with that is they'll be both using the same configuration files...

To solve that problem and use them independantly, put another copy of uTorrent in a seperate folder, then go to your Application Data\uTorrent folder (e.g. C:\Users\Falcon\Application Data\uTorrent - but usually "Documents and Settings") and copy the .dat files from that folder to the new copied folder. The new U will pick up the settings/data files from that folder and use them instead of the AppData ones. Then start this new copy of U with the /recover switch and you can use them both (might want to make a shortcut to #2 with the switch?).

Good luck!

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