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Priority issue when downloading


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Hi Guys,

I regularly watch TV shows to keep up my English. (BTW It works wonders for a lazy guy like me). When I try a new one, I usually download a complete season torrent. To be able to start watching ASAP, I set the priority of the 1st episode to 'high'. Sometimes it works, but very often it doesn't. 

uTorrent prioritizes the 1st episode, but leaves the file stuck at 9x.x%, and in this cases mostly the 1st episode is the last to finish downloading. I get that there are a few pieces that come from slow peers, but I'd expect uTorrent to discard these pieces after a while, and seek for another peer to download from. But that doesn't happen until everything else is completed, and I couldn't find any setting that would alter this behavior.

So far the only workaround I've found is to change the priority of all other uncompleted files in the torrent to "do not download", wait for the 1st ep to finish then re-set the priorities for the remaining files.

I'd appreciate any ideas for a more comfortable solution for this.


thanks & best regards


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