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Here comes the old "not enough hard drive space" problem again


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Please disregard the following for the time being. Apparently I tried to start a bad torrent. When I cancelled that one (the first one I had ever tried), disabled DHT, and started another one I started getting 57/kB/s down and 24kB/s up!

Howdy All,

I'm brand new to Utorrent (and anything else to do with Torrents) so please keep that in mind as you read on.

I've spent the last couple of days searching the Forum for help with two problems. I'll post another topic for the second problem later. Right now I need help with the "not enough hard drive space" problem.

I'm trying to D/L a 700MB [specifics removed] onto my E: drive which is NTFS and has just over 35GB of space available. Obviously (or I wouldn't be posting this) I continuously get the "not enough hard drive space" Error.

What I've found whenever I search the Forum seems to always suggest that the problem is NOT having NTFS.

So, what else should I check in my efforts to overcome the problem?

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