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Problem with accrual of tokens Total Earnings vs In-App Balance


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Hello, the number of tokens Total Earning differs drastical from the number of tokens on the in-app balance. My token spending consumption is 0. And I don’t understand how tokens are credited to the balance.

I earned more than 27984 BTT Tokens, I only be able to transfer around 6300 to my on-chain wallet, but I have only 847 BTT available on my in-app balance instead of the difference that is more than 21000+ BTT  

How long should I receive the difference?    What I can do?  I Seeded 14.92 TB


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Total Earnings = a projection, because of the way the bidding system works. Because the leecher may have received some of the bidded pieces for free, it will be off from what you actually get. It's explained in the BTT white paper.

From what the mod has written around here, at some point they will switch to a real earnings mode rather than a projection. I haven't seen an ETA.

So in your example, the total bids were for 27k, but the amount they've actually bid and downloaded was around 6k. If there's some sort of a mismatch, at some point your wallet will adjust and add the missing ones.

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