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uTorrent using 100MB+ memory


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I've been using uTorrent for a while already, ever since i got the rss checker to work. I left my pc on when i went on holiday, and it could download my series automatically with that rss checker. However, when i came back, i couldnt remotely login anymore, and i found out that windows or utorrent (cant really remember) had an error about not having enough memory to allocate 399xxxxxx bytes. When i looked in Taskmanager, i saw uTorrent using 1.4GB(!) of memory.

Even now, when i've restarted the program many times, the memory usage always rises above the 100MB:


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I've already looked in the FAQ, and i've got no virus scanners, and i can't find that nvidia firewall anywhere. Windows firewall is disabled too. However, now utorrent only uses 13MB, and i really didnt change anything, nor did i restart it. Maybe it'll rise to 100MB+ again later :|

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Ehm, this was windows 2003 server. I started utorrent in a remote logon session. All the processes visible are only the processes active in that session. Here's a screeny with all processes (currently 44) but i don't see anything strange except uTorrent's mem usage, which is again 400MB+.


And a screenie of my diskcache settings, i already tried setting the cache to a fixed size, didn't change anything.


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Yesterday I got the 'out of memory' message again:


the processes at that time (look at the memory uTorrent uses :D):


I think the problem has something to do with being offline. I got this error late in the afternoon, and our router had been turned off for the whole day. I dont know why it wants to allocate anything while being offline, but maybe those other memory issues, when it uses 100+ MB, were the result of my router failing. It's an old router, and it randomly just 'hangs'. Then i need to reset it to re-establish the internet connection. In the time the internet connection fails, the memory usage could be increasing.

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I'm in a similar situation.

Initialy, I thought it was something to do with the nvidia NIC/Firewall, however, the latter has been installed & uninstalled (was having this issue on a clean install without the firewall on), and the NIC has been disabled completly.

I've upgraded the TCPIP.sys file (at least I think I have), checked the disk cache settings (identical to the above, and I also tried a limit at 32Mb with no luck).

I do have a copy of The Shield (antivirus & firewall running) but both were working file under win2k with 1.5 (recently upgraded to XP)

Downloading that process tool to have a gander at what could be causing the useage.

[edit]Ok, so the DPC's seem to check out ok, nothing over 2% use with or without utorrent running.

utorrent does generate a large number of page faults for some reason (in the order of 100,000+).

More detailed description of the issue: seems to work fine for up to 30 seconds, then CPU use heads up past 50%, memory spikes to 500,000Kb or so, then returns to "normal" about a minute or two later... the only issue is that the program has hung, and is slowing the rest of the system down, but memory use and cpu is normal at this stage.

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I know its a late reply to my own question.. but i just recently found the solution to my problem (and on this forum.. hard to find but well.. i found it). So up to this time i needed to restart uTorrent 2 or 3 times a day :D I though i'd post the solution to the problem, so that this thread can be closed. I actually found the solution in this thread. By default, the memory settings are on 'maximized', but when setting it to 'minimize memory used' it wont leak or use 50% (dual core) cpu anymore:


So now the problem is solved, when having 100 torrents loaded and doing nothing.. it uses 4MB memory instead of 1.7GB :D

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