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Btt missing


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so the moving from in-app to on-chain has been down for the last couple days. Today i tried to withdraw 43000 coins from my in-app to my on-chain balance (after i read that withdraws are working again). The status of the transaction was pending (I also had another transaction of 18k that was still pending). After closing the Bittorrent Speed window and trying to open it again, I got the following error message: Oops! Please make sure your torrent client is running and relaunch BitTorrent Speed.
No matter what i did, I couldnt open Bittorrent Speed again.
As a User suggested on Reddit, I deleted the BittorrentHelper folder on my computer and restarted the Client. This seemed to fix the problem, i just had to use my recover words to recover and set up my account again. 
However once, i logged in I only had around 9,9k BTT in my In-App and all the Pending Transactions in the History Tab were gone, the 43000 Coin transaction was also gone.

I really hope that I can somehow recover the 43000 BTT, as I spent a lot of time seeding to get the tokens.
Hopefully you can help me fix this problem, I would really really appreciate any help.

My public wallet key is TJfyWAvtbyTdgM4L1dvs3bsd9DNg8cDBGi - if that helps at all.


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