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Hello everyone,

can you suggest the optimal settings for u Torrent ,  if I need a lot seeding 

 I have about 100 torrents and not all are active, with a very large memory load and it is constantly growing  .  is this normal or is there a solution to reduce consumption? except for the torrent, nothing is running, the pc has been rebooted .  memory loading occurs 5-10 minutes after the start of seed




*I will ask another question. 

 is it possible to somehow increase the upload speed? I usually have 600-800 mbps*  but I can't seed in torrent faster than 140-180 mbps*   .   The problem is not in the number of connections or those who want to download. There are more receivers than needed, just a traffic jam has formed somewhere and does not give speed









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I have the same issue even while seeding 50 torrents. Task manager shows uTor utilising a small amount of memory under "processes" but the actual used up RAM keeps increasing up to 13-14gb out of 16gb. 

No such issue occurs with qBittorrent. The only reason why I haven't switched over is because qBit connects to less than half the peers when trying to seed. 

uTor RAM/caching issue seems to be ongoing over several years, over half a decade! 

Reading around shows that uTor devs will blame windows caching but does anyone know of any settings we can adjust to prevent this from occurring? 

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17Mb/s is not too bad IMHO... :)

You can try with using my settings (see @ my sig), and change to unlimited (0) UL limit (like yours) and 25 upload slots/torrent (and make sure to re-configure your port # if needed).

What do you mean by "large memory load"?  Anyway, you can try with my exe with the LAA flag set  (see @ my sig too).


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