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Just switched from 512/128 to 512/512....


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Still trying to get a handle on this new connection speed (512/512) with utorrent. Downloads are fine, no problem, as long as there are enough seeds I run at max (such as it is).

Maintaining upload seems to the tricky bit. Ideally I'd like to only have a few torrents uploading at once so that the people I'm uploading to get a decent speed. If I'm not downloading anything this is not a problem and seeding is fine and running full speed almost always. If I start a download though, my upload will go from 50k to 15k in a few seconds. It will usually recover a bit overtime, but rarely get back up to 40-50k.....even if I limit my download to say 40k. This is really annoying. The only surefire way to max my seeding speed is to increase the amount of torrents I am seeding (something I don't want to do), then I get max up and down, which tells me its likely not my isp messing with me.

It's strange though, increasing the number of torrents I seed also increases the speed of the torrents I was already seeding! A torrent seeding at only 10k with uTorrent set at say "4 active torrents" will often jump up to 20k if I increase my active torrents to 10.

I've tried a million different uTorrent connection settings and also the stuff mentioned in the speed sticky thread (tcp/ip optimiser, patching, etc) and nothing really seems to change the behaviour listed above. As speed problems go I guess this one isn't major, but the main reason I upgraded my connection was to become a true contributor in terms of seeding.

Anyway, short version: It simply seems that whilst I am downloading I can seed many torrents at slow speeds, but not a few torrents at faster speeds - a behaviour not evident if I am seeding but not downloading.

Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a bit perplexed.

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it kind of sucks to be honest with you...

when im dwn i can hit speeds of 1.75 megs

problem is my optimal upload speed for that is 150 kBs

which means my ratio is usually way out of whack...something like i dnload 30 gigs and i upload 2 gigs when i open up my upload to reach 250 kBs my dnload hits 500kBs

big difference...

on a side note i thought i was the only one who switched isps to increase the upload (my seeding)

so i definitly give you a thumbs up for that one

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