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BTT problems


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11 hours ago, Des1troy said:

Why instead of 10k and 1k BTT from app to wallet, I got 0.000001 BTT and 0.000001 TRX.
Wallet: TUSsYVE8joeXtu37JvGQh99A7vs5tmu1J9
What's going on??



The wallets you received 0.000001 TRX and the same amount of BTT from do not belong to BitTorrent or TRON.

We are sorry for the inconvenience with the transactions. The system is designed and works the way any transaction can either be successfully completed or rejected and in this case BTT would return to the in-app balance in Speed. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a lot of time to reject a transaction and that looks like a “stuck in pending state” from the user experience perspective. We are working on improving the interfaces and speed of resolution for exchange services.

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1 hour ago, Des1troy said:

I understand why you are working to improve interfaces and resolution speed for exchange services. But what happened to these two 10k and 1k BTT transactions? BTT coming to the wallet?

BTT should be returned. We will check the Exchange log files for sure and if find anything suspicious will refund your wallet.

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