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Incoming connection question using proxy tunnel


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I typically use a https secure proxy tunnel for my Utorrent connection, and have 'use proxy for peer connections' checked in my client setup. In addition I have specified my incoming port as 50600 within the client preferences section and have the port forwarded on my router. Everything actually seems to work great.

My question is about incoming connections. I start by firing up my proxy tunnel, it is my-freedom-net and is set up to use socks5 on port 1080. I then start up Utorrent and begin torrent tranfers. Meanwhile I watch connection info using Outpost firewall. Here are the questions:

- right as I start up the client, I see a lot of incoming connections coming in on the port 50600 that I have defined. After a minute or two I see these incoming connections drop off one by one and all of the remaining traffic continues through my proxy (localhost). Can anyone tell me why these initial connections come in straight from the web rather then through the proxy tunnel?

- after I am done uploading/downloading and close the Utorrent client (and proxy tunnel) I notice a regular flood of incoming udp requests to my port 50600. These continue on for days. How do these packets know how to get to me? I would think they would be lost without the proxy tunnel in place.

I ask this as I am on a major university network and prefer to keep my bittorent activity as low key as possible. I had hoped that with the proxy tunnel the only thing a network admin would be able to see is encrypted data flowing back and forth to the proxy provider. I really don't like the rush of incoming connections when I start the client. Even worse are the incoming connection requests even after I close the connection.

Appreciate any advice - thanks.

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That was a quick response - thanks!

Even if these incoming udp packets are not connections I fear that they must look suspicious to any network admins that might be examining my bandwidth usage? I suppose no more suspicious then the use of an encrypted proxy though.

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