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Ok, beautiful client!! Its the only BT client that doesn't bog down my p266 w/98se/(.NET Fixed)..

Also gotta love the UI/Features..

Heres what baffles me though.. Yesterday I was downloading w/ when I had one of those 98se crapouts that happen really quickly (just when you think the system is going to run all your tasks nicely).. So I rebooted and when the system restarted everything was working execpt utorrent wasn't running?? It actually was listed in the taskmanager, but no UI/Tray.. Tried relaunching, cursor went to usable hourglass for ~4s then nothing except another instance in the taskmanager..

Thought "Hmm this sucks", and swapped out my registry with a backup from an hour earlier.. (BTW, Absolutely no system changes should have occurred in this timeframe)..

So I'm up/running with the registry backup except the problem persists..:(

So I wipe the settings and replace the exe.. Still nothing!

So I try downgrading to 1.1.5.. Woohoo it works!!!

I read about the settings glitch that should have been fixed with, but figure I'd try reupgrading anyways.. Same problem..

Wish I hadn't deleted my 1.1.6 now that its removed from the site..

So basically this post is to inform the devs of this issue.. A solution is more important to my peace of mind than to the usability of 1.1.5 if you are aware of its bugs.. The fact that I can't solve this is driving me nuts..

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Actually, I just got it fixed myself..

I realized that 1.1.6 is still available if you manually enter the address.. So although > 1.1.5 > solves nothing, > 1.1.6 > fixes the problem.

Sorry about the extraneous thread.. after posting I realized that there were already threads, they just weren't titled in a way that led me to believe they were worth reading.. I've spent alot of time in forums, so I kinda know what to expect from a thread titled "utorrent doesn't work" by a firsttime poster.

Since this is such a strange issue would somebody mind stating the actual cause?

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