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Synchronization between wallet on separate computers (Macbook: macosx(Catalina) and PC:(windows 10)


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Before I begin with a description of my problem, please excuse me for my English.

Overview: I have one wallet on two computers(Macbook PC and Windows PC):
 - Macbook: btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT
 - Windows 10: btt-in-app 5,598,488.722224 BTT

a) Bittorent Speed keeps syncing on Windows PC and it's a nightmare to open my Dashboard and Wallet. Keeps showing "Oops, Please make sure your torrent is running..."
b) If I am allowed to open the Dashboard on Windows PC, it is a nightmare to open my wallet, it says (incorrect password) and after several attempts to open and close Bittorent Speed, I am authorized to see my wallet;
c) Bittorent Speed on Windows PC doesn't receive the BTT-on-chain from BTT-in-app transactions;
d) Bittorent Speed on Macbook is syncing for seconds, works correctly but shows 0.000460 BTT instead of 5,598,488.722224 BTT. No data about transaction history;

Аttempts to fix:
I tried to resolve the issue by following these steps and it wasn't successful: https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/112565-bittorrent-speed-is-syncing/

Strange behaviour:
If I delete the BittorentHelper on Windows PC > %appdata% > Local > BittorentHelper and then sync the wallet again, following the steps to import the wallet and use the security key words, it shows on Windows PC btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT...Why??? Is this asyncronous or syncronous communication between one wallet and two computers?
 - If I move the BittorentHelper from Windows PC to Macbook PC the issues are the same;

Wallet Data:
public address: TQf6yyNVtVKXwWteneoFT57A65BCSSuj21

Here are the files attached: Google Drive
 - wallet log since 2020;
 - dashboard screenshot from Windows PC;
 - transaction history screenshot from Windows PC;
 - wallet screenshot from Windows PC;
 - wallet screenshot from Macbook PC;
 - oops error screenshot from Windows PC;

I will be very grateful if you help me. I want my coins and successfully transfer them.

Thank you in advance!

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7 hours ago, Baselal said:

Here are the files attached: Google Drive

dashboard screenshot from Windows PC.PNG

wallet screenshot from Macbook PC.jpg

wallet screenshot from Windows PC.PNG

This is clearly a balance appearance bug in Speed. 

The wallet you provided was activated less than 10 days ago. The screenshot you send is from May 15. There is just a few payment channels in the records for this wallet. There is no earnings/spendings in the Dashboard. The only explanation are incorrect reports you were seeing.

We will double check if there is a reconciliation problem.


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Hi Techster,

It was activated 10 day ago but I have been seeding torrents since 2020. You can see the wallet logs. If I'm wrong, could you please explain how the bug happened and do you mean that since I did the wallet activation , this is the time when every seeding GB gives me reward?

I can't get it that the Bittorent Speed analysed my total seeding, gave me reward and it's a bug. How could you prove this is a bug?


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Dear users! There is no technical limitation to the number of wallets running on one computer. Though having multiple Speed/Wallet instances working at the same time may cause some confusion. Imagine having a few people trying to drive one car. It's technically possible but any mistake in coordination may be fatal. We do not limit your choices but we do not guarantee flawless work. Thank you for understanding.

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