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Why does BTT just disappear? We need answers!


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Dear BTT SPEED developers, today 7500 BTT disappeared from me, expenses were not shown in statistics, they just disappeared. Most likely they disappeared at the moment of a small blue stripe (in the screenshot).Why is this happening?  Judging by the latest topics, I'm not the only one who faced a similar problem. I ask you to please answer me and other people with a similar problem. Where have my 7,500 BTT gone, will they return? 

Also, for more than a month, 800 btt has been frozen in the Pending process from the On chain - in app account in BTFS. I wrote the topic, but no one answered me. 


Wallet adress TRkiKeWQsGct1djoM81kTTiw3NtJ3C6qKN




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