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everything is going crazy


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I recently ungraded to 1.6 from 1.5. 1.5 gave me no trouble when I switched max up/down speeds and such, but with the newest version, it freaks out. It lets me change the settings, but then it doesn't pay attention to the new settings.

For instance, I set the upspeed to 25KB/s and it continues to run at well above 35KB/s, sometimes spiking to 50KB/s. If my upspeed is set too high, my downloads slow down, so I try to keep it set between 25 - 35 KB/s for upspeed.

I also noted that tweaking the download speeds mess up in the same manner as did the upspeed.

I've tried countless times to fix it. So far, I've found that it seems to work best to just get pissed off and rip the power cord from the back of my PC in a rage, wait 3 minutes, then reboot. While this method seems to work most of the time, I do have to wait about 15 - 30 minutes for all my downloads to re-check and start downloading again... and I feel there could be potentially fatal data loss at some point.

Anyone else experiencing said issues or am I special?

PC Specs:

Dell Dimension 2400 2.66GHz

XP Pro (retail, not from Dell)

1.24GBs RAM

well over 300GBs of hard drive

DSL line: 1.5MB/768

Linksys BEFSR41 V3 router



EDIT-- Windows XP SP1. I also have NO software firewalls, and I have my computer set in the DMZ on my router.

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your special ...lol

i wish i had your problem ...lol i cant give up enough bandwidth ..lol...

so anyways , why do you keep ripping the cord out ? thats time you could be downloading so your making your downloads take even longer ...my advice is set the speeds YOU desire and let the thing run on its own for awhile WITHOUT you interfering... see what happens ...good luck and try to seed as long as possible

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You may have a virus from running with no software firewall AND in DMZ on your router. That would explain the random bandwidth useage by µTorrent.

It's best to port forward 1 incoming port to your computer and use that port in µTorrent.

In Speed Guide (CTRL+G):

Try the xx/768k setting first...and back down from there to as low as xx/256k -- until you find one that gives the best results.

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@mrnunya: I mess with it because at certain times I HAVE to mess with the speed because my parents and/or brother need to use their computer. If I'm using all the upspeed, they bitch about it "going too damn slow" and they think that there's something wrong with it. They ask me if I'm downloading stuff. Naturally, I say yes, because they know I like borrowing things from online. Sometimes, however, they ask me what I'm downloading, so then I have to lie about it - I'm not telling them I'm downloading 30 pornos. So I've gotten wise and I just set the limits when they get on their computer, and then remove the limit when they get off.

@Switeck: I haven't had a virus in nearly 6 years - as soon as I got rid of my virus "protection" software and quit using *viruswire*. If I do have one, I'll merely format the Windows partition and reinstall - I've done it enough times I can do it in my sleep. But that still doesn't justify why it only began doing this the exact time I got the new version of Utorrent.

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