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BTT Wallet Incorrect Password


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Hello guys,

I have small-big problem with btt wallet.

It says "Incorrect Password", but i know my password very well. Sometimes it works random, sometimes not. Now i have almost 2 weeks and dosen t work at all. 

Can someone please help me ? I know my password 100% and im sure about that. Why i have this password problem? 

Best regards,


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Shut down utorrent, wait for it to completely shut down.

It has a Softshutdown so eventho it might look like its not running it might be running in the background.

Check in your taskmanager if it has actually shut down.

Go to this folder on your computer C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Local\BitTorrentHelper

Delete the BitTorrentHelper Folder.

Now start utorrent up again, go to speed like you normally do.

It will now see you as a fresh user and somewhere along the process youll be able to recover your wallet.

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