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Speed question..


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I apologise if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I'm kinda new here.

But I want to know if I am getting a decent rate.

From www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/ I get speeds of 1.4mbps download and 220 kbps upload. (I have 2mb broadband...), anyway, my ports are open and everything (had a bit of trouble configuring it initially...), I have the little green tick, and my download speeds for one file with a large armount of seeders/leechers is around 40-60kbps downloading and 15-25 kbps uploading. Is this an expected speed, or is there something I'm not configuring correctly that I could get faster speeds? (I have the upload speed at 256k)

Thanks for your replies.

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ill give ya an answer i figured out by messing with it...

let me warn ya im new at this too ...

i read the mini guide or some crap to set the options and it actually works for crap... every one has different situations and yours will be different from mine but here goes

set ure download to "0" which is infinite...

then set your upload to 50 ( im tellin u 50 cause u said u had decent bandwidth anyone else with lower speeds set at 15 or lower

then monitor the upload and download graph.... then increase your upload by 10 or lower for smaller bandwidth...everytime u increase wait a minute u should see your download increase as u increase the upload ... its a pain in the azz but continue increasing till you notice your download start to drop///

its important to wait about a minute or more because your band width fluctuates so to get a true reading i figure i waited about a minute maybe alittle longer

as far as global connections and all that other crap im still tinkering with those but ill tell you this and everyone else too... i set my setting to every suggestion posted here and they all reduced my speeds ... go figure right !!!

anyway this is why i STRESS EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT set your settings and wait a decent amount of time to see how you gained or loss...

the main thing i would say is setting your upload and download are key ... they are like the foundation i figure ...get those set then when your happy try and raise or lower the others ...

the reason im here is because im pissed i cant give up more than 230 KBs when my upload is 833 on speed test...

ohhh one other thing try several different speed test i guarantee you get a different number for each one.. i went with the closer ones to me they seemed to be more accurate.. hope i helped

im adding this after admin FIRON asked me a simple question on kbs or kBs or koDs never mind the last one

but i figure im tapped out by my isp on uploads as speed tests were in kbs and µtorrent was in kBs

also deleted my thread ... by the way thnx FIRON

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It's a good idea to understand the difference between kilobits/sec (often abbreviated kbs) and KilotBYTES/sec (often abbreviated KB/sec). It takes about 8-10 kilobits of bandwidth to send or receive 1 KiloBYTE of a file.

Dividing a connection's bandwidth speed in kilobits/sec by 10 to get useable bandwidth in KiloBYTES/sec is a good rule of thumb for this reason -- it roughly approximates all the overheads and occassional slowdowns a typical connection might have.

Setting download speed to 0 (unlimited) is usually a good idea for any connection that can download faster than 50 KB/sec (>500 kilobits/sec in other words). On many torrents, your download speed will be loosely tied to how fast you're uploading...so long as you're not overloading your upload bandwidth! And since few can upload faster than 50 KB/sec, you'll likely not be downloading that fast except on well-seeded torrents.

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