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Need help for DI-624


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D-Link routers require very conservative settings...just to work at all with µTorrent!

Disable DHT and UPnP.

Keep half-open connections at the default of 8 -- or even lower it as low as 4!

Allow no more than 200 GLOBAL connections (possibly even 100 or fewer)...which pretty means means not running lots of torrents at once (which unless you have 100+ KB/sec upload bandwidth is pretty close to leeching if you were).

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DHT = Distributed Hash Table = "tracker" used for trackerless torrents

UPnP = Universal Plug and Play = way to connect hardware and control them... and stuff... (not sure how else to explain it, just Wikipedia it or something)

D-Link routers can't handle UPnP because they suck. Disable them in µTorrent's preferences... it's not that hard to look around, is it...?

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