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BTTSpeed Wallet/Ops Relaunch


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Hello there,

Sum it up,
I lost 20k+ BTTs and keep going to lose because of Oops! Re-launch Issue and I have still pending transaction over 4+days
I have many backed up `bittorenthelper` folder and screenshoot.
Who is going to help me?
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I'm in a similar boat, although I didn't lose as much as you did, I did lose almost 3K BTT by playing the "oh shit withdraw while theres BTT in the wallet" game. I'm not going to complain, but I did record all evidence of every step of the way. Yes, we were both foolish for trying to play a dangerous game of withdrawing when the exchange isn't fully up. But if the protocol can't properly process withdrawals still, even when there were plenty of BTT in the exchange wallet, then I guess we can all agree that they are indeed not ready and have lots of fixing to do. But hey, at least I'm seeing new errors that I've never seen before.... such as:

`calling interface [TransferAsset2] error, reasons: [rpc error: code = PermissionDenied desc = Forbidden: HTTP status code 403; transport: received the unexpected content-type \"application/octet-stream\"]`

or.... `channel id has already been used` ...

Here's a brand new one:

`[{'amount': 2750000000, 'created': 1622852163, 'id': 1622578556997, 'message': 'SUCCESS', 'status': 'Pending', 'type': 'Withdrawal'},` 

the "pending" part? yeah... never went "unpending." Straight disappeared into thin air -- first time  a BTT withdrawal attempt didn't return to my in-app wallet. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: not your keys, not your coins ;)


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