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In-app btt spendings


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It's rediculus how this works. You tend to lose more BTT then earning if you are downloading.

Do as what I do now. I download all the torrent I need from qBitTorrent or you can use any other torrent client that  is not associated with BTT and keep torrent files used to load.

Once download finishes, copy the fully completed files to this (uTorrent or bitTorrent clients folder and open using kept torrent files previously and force-recheck) after recheck it will start seeding straight away because your torrent file don't need downloading. As you can see in the picture, I earned over 31,000 BTT while spending less than 1 BTT because there is no download going on. Only seeding. I didn't lose any BTT.

You need certain files which is not under copyright and popular. To earn over 31,000 BTT as you can see in my screenshot seeded over 202 TB of data.

Good idea? Try it. :D


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