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what settings allow you to do this?


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Im confused .... it "only seeds when all your downloads are finished " without changing any settings...

if your trying to seed AFTER you're finished downloading setting the max equal to max only stops your downloads

and concentrates on seeding... that wont help you because you wont be finished with your downloads...lol...

am i reading this right ?

if i am right then you cant stop seeding while you are downloading im sure if you read a guide or go to µtorrents home page itll explain how µtorrent works.

anyways look at it this way ... while your downloading : your actually sharing...not seeding

so there you go...without doing anything you stopped seeding.

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u can only seed when u have a full copy of the things u are downloading

so, setting "max active" and "max active downloads" to the same, it will make sure it finishes all the downloads first, and then go on to whatever is left, and only thing left is to seed

thats what rednblue_pen wanted

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