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Shows connecting to Peers and Torrent not downloading


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I had uTorrent for while like six months and everything was fine using this torrent client...
Suddenly, I can't download any torrents like two days ago...
it shows Connecting to Peers and download is not starting....
(Nothing is working and the torrent bar is red all the time, no seeders, no peers)/

At first, I also assumed that my ISP might block my torrent usage bandwidth (ISP blockage issues) but it wasn't true...
When I replace my old trackers with the new trackers on the web, the torrent starts working and downloading seamlessly (also seeders and peers numbers comes up)....

But for now, whenever I want to download torrent in bitTorrent, I still have to change torrent trackers manually for each torrent (some still not working), which doesn't okay for me  ...
(I am also downloading new update torrents with high peer and seeders).

(As in the picture, I need to change the trackers (by copying new trackers from web)  in each single torrent when I want to download. I think the trackers already in the torrents are not working for me..)

Please someone help me to solve this error... I'd be very appreciate...
This screenshot is when i tested with bittorrent. but still, it doesn't work with utorrent too...


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Torrent files issues should be direct to the site you got the torrent from to figure what's going on with their files. You can't change a created torrent tracker and if they don't match it will not work correctly. So this is something you need to contact the torrent site your using to figure this tracker issue.

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