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All of Sudden Speed dropped from 2.8 MB/s to 0.2 kB/s


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After making most changes suggested by the forum, the speed went up to 1M/S. Good enough! It took a while to get there. I assumed it was the number of seeds available around. Anyway, it works well now. Thank you, forum and people!


"That was what happened to me on the first second and the second. The average is 10M/Sec maximum. Don't know why it was like so on Utorrent now."

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I suspect ISP throttle the criminal mastermind behind this. If without utorrent running internet is fine then you got ISP issues of torrent Throttle when it detects torrent usage. Use the guide in my user posting and if that slackware drops to kb during torrenting just that file you got ISP issue.

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