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I am connected to a seed and many peers, but torrent won't download


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Hi. I've used torrents for a few months now. I've run into problems with bad torrents, etc., but never something quite like this. Strangely, when I connect to a torrent with 1, usually more seeds and over 60 peers, my DL rate is always zero. I have been attempting this torrent for the last day or two. In that time, I have maybe managed to get 1% of the file when the DL speed magically climbed to 0.1 kbps. However, I have not really been able to DL the torrent files at all. Is there possibly a problem with the actual torrent itself, or is there the extreme off chance that the 30 people I'm connected to all have their uploads turned off, including the seeder? The tracker has never been down. Please help.

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