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no entry sign-can anyone help?


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hello, this is my first time downloading utorrent. the download was successful, the searchpage opened and i typed in the name of the [specifics removed], and clicked to downloaded one particular version. however nothing happened and next to the [specifics removed] in the download section of the utorrent window there is a small no entry sign

i havent firewalled the program

what went wrong?

can anyone help?

thank you

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thanks! i did upgrade but nothing is being downloaded, theres a red arrow. i have read the faq troubleshooting section but nothing seems to correspond.

another thing, after i'd downloaded 1.6 i got a message informing me that the program is free and if i have paid for it (which i have) i should get my money back! any idea how to do that?


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if you have paid for µT in the first time. Where do you get the file from?

if it was not from here http://www.utorrent.com/download.php

then maybe you got a manipulated version!

in that case deinstall the other version. download the ORIGINAL version from here and use that one.

Regarding your money problem with the switch card IMHO your next course of action should be : consider the money lost and payed as a lecture to be more carefull before paying for software next time :(

Regarding the red error and offline thingy; Make sure that you have set up your µT correctly.

Doing torrenting successfully is a (tiny) bit more complicated then normal website downloads: There are some things to make sure like "being connectable" using "right uploadspeed" ect.

Read the beginners guide http://www.utorrent.com/beginners-guide.php and the connection setup guide http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php and then test with one of the torrents that are guranteed seed. For example the open office torrent (search this forum for link!) or get a torrent from legaltorrents.com. these are always seeded!


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