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Problems with WRT54g v 6.0


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Hi. This is my first post here. I'll try to explain my situation as best as possible. If you need more info, please inform me.

First off, I have Adelphia cable internet. 500 kB/s down, 60 kB/s up.

I recently purchased a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. It was a version 6.0, but I couldn't find anything better. Anyways, I have dealt with routers before, so I knew what I was doing. When it was all connected, the internet worked fine. No slowdowns or anything. Then I tried to run uTorrent. The moment I started leeching, my internet broke down. It worked, But I was getting downspeeds -- from HTTP sites and other p2p programs -- less than the speed of dial-up. I was uploading at 10 kB/s, and downloading at 50 kB/s. So, something on uTorrent was destroying my bandwidth.

After this, I used alternative firmware. I used VxWorksKiller to get DD-WRT on my router. Using this, I looked online to see if I could change settings to help with this bandwidth killer. Under 'IP Filter Settings" I changed Maximum Ports to a higher number, 4096, and changed the UDP and TCP timeouts. This, in turn, helped completely and uTorrent no longer killed my bandwidth. HOWEVER, I can no longer use DD-WRT on this modem, because I experienced constant disconnects, as the router is not very compatible with the firmware.

Now with a new router, the same one I started with (VxWorks installed), I don't get constant disconnects like I did with DD-WRT. But, I have the same problem I did to begin with where uTorrent (Or any other torrent program for that matter) kills my bandwidth. I searched and searched for IP Filter settings in the router GUI, but to no avail.

Could anybody help me out on this? Maybe someone who owns a WRT54G v5-6. Thanks a lot to ANYONE that can help.


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That's always my first choice, but I'm young, and it's tough to teach my brother about routers. I'll try to get the WRT54GL when I can. Until then, I might flash DD-WRT again and mess around with settings to try to stop the dropped connections.

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And, Ultima, I'm not having dropped connections right now, it just hangs.

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