What am i doing Wrong ???

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Can anybody help me out here. 


Im new to torrent Creation, Allthough iv been downloading for a while , i require the ability to create my own Torrent files.

Iv watched numerous videos and tried numerous methods but all have failed with the same outcome

an infinite ETA and no availablity , with no transfares taking place.

Iv tried Decentralised and normal using valid trackers .

But nothing has worked for me.

Could anybody point me in the right direction.

Is there sumthing im missing here.


Iv done what the videos and tutorials suggest (that make it look easy)

But iv had no transfares yet.

these are the trackers iv been using (all ok and working on normal downloads)



here is a tracker i created. thats attached to a file, but it will not transfare



here are the images of the process that created the above torrent (with the final image showing the Source details)


Dont know where im going wrong, iv tried with a Tracker list also.

Iv tried with the option Seed After download

Iv tried everything...


really could do with a little help. thanks 





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