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uTorrent (3.1.3) - problems while downloading to a network drive


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Hi all. I've been using uTorrent for a while now, and sometimes when I'm downloading something in my Windows Shared Folder located on a second PC, my network card all of a sudden stops working and I have to restart it via "Network and Sharing Center". But that's not just it, sometimes instead of the network card stopping to work I just bump into BSOD.

Is the problem my network card or the actual idea of downloading in the Windows Shared Folder, or something else?

P.S. Re-installing, installing older or newer versions doesn't help.

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Likely a driver issue, try to update it.

Regardless, it is a bad idea to download directly to a network drive. You should better DL to some temporary local drive, and auto move it after (there is a special setting for that). 

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thanks, well, i found one temporary solution: i download them right on that machine, via Windows Remote Desktop & "Add Torrent from URL..." thingy

had no problems yet and this way i keep seeding torrents 24/7, so i think that's good for some rare torrents too, those having just a few seeders

and sorry for late response

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