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memory leak


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I found this program and thought, wow, awesome system resource usage..even better then bitcomet..

however, I have experienced several times thet Utorrent has a memory leak or problem of that sort.

In task manager it will only report it using 2-4mb of ram, but in reality when I look at my free ram its incredibly low (out of 786 there's like sub 200mb free)...as soon as I close the program it jumps back up to 400-450mb free.

any work being done to correct this issue?

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Task manager shows me with 750Mb free memory without UT running. I start up UT with file flush set to true and the free memory flutuates between 745Mb and 630Mb.

Without file flush free memory goes to down to something like 350Mb (from memory).

The 0&0 Clevercache ting doesn't seemt to do anything with file flush on.

With file flush off and 0&0 on I'm getting a steadyish 640Mb of free memory.

Any ideas?

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