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"Device not ready" error at random


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All my downloads live on an external drive that's used for nothing else, and over the last month or so torrents have started randomly stopping with a "Device not ready" error. It only ever affects a few at a time, it's not always the same torrents, sometimes it'll run for days with no issue, and sometimes they'll fail every few minutes. I would assume that if the device temporarily became unavailable all of them would produce the error seeing as they're all on the same drive, so I'm at a loss! Restarting them fixes the problem, but I would like to stop it happening in the first place - if it's ones I'm seeding it's not too bad, just a minor inconvenience to anyone connected to me, but when it's stuff I'm downloading it's a pain to realise it's been sat idle for hours...

(All settings at default, drive utilisation is fairly low.)

Edit: it happened again, screenshot attached.


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Added screenshot.
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