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portfoward.com out of date with bt home hub. Help needed


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hey, i'm setting up utorrent on my girlfriends computer which conncets to the net through bt home hub. portforward has details for bt hub which i figure must be an older version because the screen caps and instructions aren't the same ones that come up when i open the home hub manager.

for example, portforward shows


whereas we have


also in the portforward guide (http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/BT/BTHub/Utorrent.htm) a main part seems to be the router/nat section which I cannot find in our home hub manager.

I have set up a static ip and tried to do the next best thing in the home hub manager


but I still get a red light or caution triangle every time I turn on utorrent

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how do i do that?

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i think i just did it, i did the same thing again except changing tcp for udp but i still havent got a green light... only the yellow caution triangle, my download speed is consistantly at 30-40 kps now but i'm on a 6.6gb connection so it should be going a lot faster. Thanks for the help

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ok you need both TCP and UDP.

So just enter a second rule (if you cant allow to in one)

and yellow could it also be if the forwarding is correct, but no one is initiating the connection from him to you.

you could run another torrent with more peers where the chance of getting an incomming connection is greater, or you use the portcheck here http://btfaq.com/natcheck.pl with a torretn you are running right now. just rightclick in the general tab in µT to copy the long hasvalue into the clipboard for copy and paste on the testsite. and make sure to change 6881 to your port ;)

This test will initiate a connection to you so the yellow will change to green if you have successfully portforwarded.

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