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I am at wits end, i have just started to d/load torrents instead of bearshare etc, and i have tried to port forward as i am using win xp with nis2006 and i have a red caution circle at the bottom of utorrent. I have read all ways of portforwarding and i must be some kind of halfwit beacuase i cannot do it.

I am using cFosSpeed and port trigger in an effort to speed things up and i dont think its doing anything as my d/l speed is around 8-16 kB. I have used the dvlpatch opened up my modem router page and done evrything as requested by utorrent installation, but i dont know what brand mu adsl modem(router?) is. It is just badged and boxed as a NTT ADSL modem with no info and my lack of nihon-go is not aiding me. I would be most greatful to anyone with help in achieving satisfactory d/l speed.

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