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speedconfiguration wizard..what happens if i change settings manually?


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hi everyone,

well i have a 4Mb/s net with a 384Kb/s upload range.

by following the speed configuration wizard it advise me to put the settings at:

upload limit: 35kB/s

slots upload: 4

torrent connections: 80

total connections: 230

max torrents: 2

max torrents (download): 2

well until now i was using the manual configuration i set at the beginning, meaning 20kB/s for uploads, 10 simultaneous downloads and max torrents, total connections 1000 and torrent connections 500.

you can laugh..i just was trying to put them the higher i could to be as fastest as i could.

you think i should follow what the wizard says (wisely) or what do you think it's the best way possible for me to configure my speed? actually with my personal very high settings i was very satisfied, while i wouldnt be satisfied with just max 2 downloads at a time.

any ideas? thanks:-)

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Would you be satisfied if the very few seeds/peers that did upload to you only uploaded at <1 KB/sec?

Because that's what your old settings do to others...you're connecting to LOTS of people, uploading to few, and to those few...uploading very slowly.

If everyone used those settings, BitTorrent in general would slow down immensely. :(

Up the max torrents if you want to 4 or 5 if you keep upload slots at 4 or lower.

Just remember to have enough upload speed so EACH upload slot (total upload slots = upload slots times total torrents active) gets at least 2 KB/sec.

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