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utorrent doesn't complete my downloads


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I was trying to download a torrent of several 300 MB files with utorrent

Because I already have the first 20 files I skipped them.

Now the download of the rest is complete, but utorrent doesn't write the files from "uTorrentPartFile.dat" in the final files.

This "uTorrentPartFile.dat" file is still 6 GB.

I already used "Force Re-Check" but it didn't help. Free disk space is also enough.

How can I force utorrent to write all complete files on the disk?



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I can't use them, because the files I already have are not exactly the same as in the torrent.

To be more precise:

I have a torrent with 40 files. The first 20 ones I don't need (I already have them in another version). So I skip them. I only want to download the last 20 ones.

How can I force utorrent now to complete these 20 files?

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