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SLOW download and upload


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I have the green checkmark and I used the mini-guide posted on this forum to try to solve this problem so my tcpip.sys file is updated.

Here is my problem: My upload speed is always below and my download speed sometimes go up to 100kb/sec but usually drop down to 2-3 after 10 or 20 sec. I am not limiting either.

Any idea of my problem?

Edit: My router is a D-Link DI-704P

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well, I don't think that I skipped any step... I will go over it again and post if it solve my problem

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Just finished looking over the speed guide and everything is configured correctly. But I still have my near 0 upload speed on a torrent.

( the torrent has 40 seed for 700 leech and I have about 10 % of it so I should upload logically)

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