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slow dl with utorrent, any quick and simple fix?.


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My downloading goes fast with Firefox but not with uTorrent!?, is there any quick and simple fix for this? if i dont want to test my RAM for 24h :D or change .sys files etc?.

Reinstalling uTorrent or changing settings does not help :/ (haven't changed advanced settings tho.)


XaVi 5258-p2 wireless router with ZyXEL G-220 v2 usb dongle. 14/1 Mbps ADSL+2.

Win XP SP2.

uTorrent 1.6

AMD64 3200.


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Most of us have less than 1/2 Mbit upload bandwidth. I only have 384 kilobits/sec (370-380 measured during speed tests.)

You might want to check "use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%" along with using only 3 upload slots per torrent. That way, what upload speed you are allowing will almost never go unused because µTorrent tries to upload to only 3 very slow connections.

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