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norton worm blocks high risk...


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like ive been saying im a dummy when it comes to all this computer stuff ...but i know how to turn it on if it crashes...and i think thats pretty darn good for an old man with a GED ... anyways heres my thing:

ive been experiencing these norton worm alerts and i read up on itthe first time ...something about malicious people or software one or the other or both would get your machine to test or attack itself for some darn reason ...anyway they could get to you is what it amounted to if norton didnt do its job...i get them maybe once a month if that i havent really timed them or kept track but heres what it says i copied it this time .....

security alert

high risk

norton internet worm protection has detected and blocked an intrusion attempt

intrusion: ms windows h,323 bo (2)

intruder: bpacked(45.454.454.454)(3223)

risk level: high

protocol: tcp

attacked ip:

attack port: 1720

the only thing i changed was my ip addy ...

my question is ... are these legitimate attacks or is it part of the take the good with the bad when running µT?

also i think ive notice it when i click to download a file ...but before it actually get saved on µT.. but im not 100 percent sure on that...

this doesnt affect my speed i still get the file and its never bothered me so i dont bother it !!! but what gives can anyone give me a breif explanation on this ...?

thnx in advance guys and gals

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A router that default blocks all incoming ports except for the 1 you use in µTorrent is far more secure than Norton's security...simply because if your computer is directly exposed to the internet, if an exploit exists for Norton software, it's only a matter of time before hackers use it to root your box.

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