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Question about multiple trackers


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I'm quite familiar with creating torrents but have only just got around to thinking about creating multi-tracked torrents. A couple of questions:

1) Should I simply insert all the relevant tracker urls (separated by a space) into the torrent during creation and then go about uploading the torrent files to the relevant trackers?

2) Another situation: Suppose I have already created a 'single tracker' torrent (call it tracker A). It's up and working yet doesn't have much traffic so I want to add another tracker and upload it to another site. Let's call that tracker "B". So I open the torrent file, add the tracker announce url to the "tracker box thingy" (is there a save feature at this point?). Then, I upload the torrent to tracker B.

Question: Is this the right way to do it? Since people that downloaded the torrent from tracker A will not have the tracker B url included in the torrent, will they still be able to connect (assuming DHT is off) to those people that got the torrent file from tracker B? (I think that they should still be able to connect through the 'A' tracker - as both torrent files have the 'A' announce url - but how about through the 'B' tracker?)

3) If 'A's can't connect through to the 'B's (through the 'B' url) then isn't adding the second tracker pointless? Should I go back to tracker A and mention that there is another announce url to add?

4) Third situation: Assuming DHT is on and enabled, should *independently* tracked torrents be able to connect to each other? (torrent file exactly the same except with different announce urls)

Ok... think that's about it. Apologies if these are silly questions; I haven't been using torrents very long.

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