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How to move files


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I think you should be able to do this.

1) Stop the torrent. Right click "remove and delete" torrent (not data)

2) Cut and paste your partially downloaded file to where you want.

3) Load up the torrent again (or re-download it if you haven't saved it somewhere)

4) Set the download location for the new location.

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your walk thru is not bad ;) but step one can be shortened to "stop the torrent". no need to delete anything ;)

the rest is as you would do it.

and after moving of the partially DLed content you rightclick the stopped torrent in µT then "advanced" then "set downloadlocation" then "force recheck" then the check % will go up (notice if the availability graph in the generel tab shrinks, then you simply pointed to the wrong location!) When the checking is done you just start normaly again.

This way you will not loose your DL/UL ratio you report to the tracker because you have not deleted/removed the torrentfile. :)

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"...your walk thru is not bad..."

lol.. I think that the way I use uTorrent is probably all wacky! Ludde would probably be horrified if he saw half of what I do! You see, this is what happens when people learn by trial and error.

Thanks for the tips. That was ueseful.

Really, you will lose ratio if you deleted the torrent?? If you make sure "event=stopped" surely the tracker will have a record of your stats?

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