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UL/DL stops when the seed leaves


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I have been running a torrent for nearly a week now which the seed appears only for a short time and then goes away. When the seed appears there is slow traffic between all the peers with one peer seeming to get the most. After the seed goes away all traffic evens out between all the peers except the one who holds the most and sends to no one. An occasional 1 second burst of 100 bytes per second is all that occurs from the peer with the pieces everyone needs until the seed returns. Below is what is being shown on the GUI for hours at a time:

Client Flags % Relevance Downloaded Reqs Uploaded

uTorrent/1600 DSHXE 22.8 13.4 368 kB 1|0 864 kB

Azureus/2402 XE 9.5 1.00 mB 3.32 mB

BitComet/0068 HXE 9.5 1.89 mB

Azureus/2402 XE 9.5 2.06 mB

KTorrent/1200 UKX 9.5 240 kB

Azureus/2402 XE 9.5 1.00 mB 3.18 mB

Does anyone have an answer as to why this occurs? And is there any way to get data to be shared? There were more peers connected a few days ago, but for the most part they have gradually dropped off with one occasionally returning for a short period to gather what can be gathered from the peers who have the least amount of data while the one with the most never shares any except when the seed reappears and then only a small amount. I can ping the IP of the peer with the most successfully, but not connect for a DL more than 1 second occasionally.

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