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Internet dies when uTorrent client is opened


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Hi, everyone!
I have a very strange problem. There are a lot of topics about "killed connection" but my case differs a little bit.

When I turn any torrent client on (no matter if its uTorrent or e.g. game launcher that use torrent client), I can't access any internet resource. Doesn't matter if download is in progress or stopped... And the strange thing that downloading works good at any speed (up to 200mbit), but other applications and browsers can't reach any page, no matter how many peers connected and what speed limit is.

Important note: if I'm playing online game or e.g. wathing twitch stream - it continue working but all new activities are not working anymore.

If I turn torrent client off - browsers and other apps work fine. The same problem occur when I connect to radmin VPN - in that case internet is not working too.

I have this problem for many years. Since that time I've changed my router from DSL to GPON, totally changed PC configuration, switched from windows 7 to windows 10 -> this issue still existю And it shouldn't be internet-provider issue cuz lot of friends use the same provider with similar tariff-plans

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That sounds alot like Internet ISP Throttle. They detect torrent usage and throttle your internet and as you say when the torrent software is closed it returns to normal. This would me they have hardware/software to monitor torrent usage and throttle based on it's detected torrent usage. And as you mentioned the VPN does this to as they can directly see what software is using their VPN and most likely by their policy they throttle torrent usage. And since these two are not the same company I suspect ISP and VPN throttle your internet when you use torrent software.

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