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+500gb of space gone


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I tried downloading a 166gb Vstplugin, several times...

It was stopped by "disk cache overload" and I did all the fixes which did not help. utorrent froze every time and I had to force-shutdown my laptop every time as well because it would not shut down or restart on its own.

I decided to give up and "Delete torrent and Data" which also led to freezing Windows and utorrent.

In the end I managed to delete the torrent, but not the data. The data volume is nowhere to be found, tried with TreeSize, but it does not locate the data.

So now I'm down from having 1.5tb of free space to 936gb...

Is there any way to fix it or is it permanently written? I have no restore points

Any insight is greatly appreciated

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Your going to have to find where it allocated the block of storage for the file. And if you didn't create folder for each of the utorrent operations your going to have to go and look where it stored the file at to delete and recover that space. This is why I tell those using utorrent to create folder for various utorrent actions so that if something like this happens and you didn't delete both torrent file and torrent downloaded file. 

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