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Disconnect Bittorent


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Hello everybody,

(first i would like yo say that i am not english or american and MY ENGLISH suck)


It is not the first time that happens, the first time was, 3 month ago, when i had BitSpirit:

for a couple of week, it runs very fast without any deconnexions, but after this, i can't download more than 2-3 minutes.

Same now for Uttorent.

My comp is in Dlink, I triend to dicrease the upload speed to 128Kbits, but does anything. My internet is 2.2Mbits....

I don't what to do.


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yeah, thank's, but what is this patch thing ?

- Ran the Speed Guide properly?

yes, i put in 56k it doesn't work, while my upload speed is 2.2M

- Patched TCPIP.SYS and restarted the computer after patching (this assumes you run Windows XP w/SP2!)?


- Restarted µTorrent after disabling DHT?

where to disable DHT ?

- Try disabling UPnP?

option connexion ? don't see it :(

- What firewall are you using, and have you tried uninstalling it?

worked 2 weeks with it

- Tried lowering the global maximum number of connections?

i'm on 1

- Lowering net.max_halfopen to 4?


- Connect directly to the modem to make sure it's not your router?


- If turns out that it's not the router, what modem are you using?


thank's for your help Ultima.

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It increases the number of connections all applications on your computer can attempt to make before it stops them and makes them wait. Your other internet-enabled applications might need more than the amount left by µTorrent, so they slow down and/or disconnect after a while. Patching might alleviate this.

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Ignore it, just allow the change, and don't bother inserting your Windows CD.

UPnP: Yes, the option is in the Connection preferences.

DHT: Disable it by right-clicking the DHT thing in the status bar, or checking the BitTorrent preferences.

net.max_halfopen: Advanced preferences

Connect directly to modem: Exactly as it says... don't connect to the router, just go directly from your network card to your modem with an Ethernet cable

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yes, ive run it, and rebooted my comp after, without any results.

I don't know what to do anymore -_-'

5 without any disconnexio ... DHT and UPnP deactiveted ... 30KO/s dl

EDIT: it doesn't disconnect anymore ... let see if it pass the night ^^

thank you very much much much much

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i think i found the solution, i did what you ask me to do, it was working but with a very low speed, i changed router port, and enabled on my inventel

(yes my dad has a D-link router, but i have an Inventel ^^)

it is working at 20Ko/s now without any disconnection, lets see.

Thank's Ultima for you precious help.


EDIT: No, just disconnect again every five minutes, no progress, i just can't understand.

(Happy ?)

EDIT2: any help ?

Merged double post(s):

It seems, that emule doesn't anymore, before uttorent it worked propaly, what is wrong with this ?

no help here ?

EDIT by silverfire: Bumping is not allowed.

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