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New version cancels preferences


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Hi and thank you for this great product, but, U Torrent kept crashing on me (later realized it was trying to update itself), to the point i had to restart my pc, as end task wasnt working. When i did u torrent started when windows did (was not expecting that as my preference was to not start with windows) before my vpn started. As a result i had 4 downloads restart with out my vpn on. I received from warnings from Optimum, but now have verizon, not sure if i will get warnings but maybe cancel the start with windows, or the very least leave the preferences the same to prevent this from happening. thx

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What versions are you using or installing? VPN settings aren't something utorrent helps with that is between you and your VPN provider to setup. Those warnings are about torrents that violate their TOS agreements that is why you get those. Not sure what your talking about the last half because it's all confusing and not clear what your doing. 

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On 10/2/2021 at 10:48 PM, tom545454545454 said:

U Torrent kept crashing on me (later realized it was trying to update itself)

If so, why not Just simply disable the auto-update in Pref.->General? Or at lease enable the "Notify me before..." option.  You are welcome to my settings (below/@sig).

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