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Can Torrents Be Restored After Crash?


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I looked around the forum and seems like I'm not the only one who faced this problem before. Today, my pc froze and I had to restart holding the power button down. After that, started utorrent and all files, settings, everything were gone. I mean they are in my hdd but not in the app. I tried replacing resume, settings, OLD files by renaming them but no luck. I use utorrent portable. So every data or DAT, OLD, BAD files are inside the installation directory, not in that %AppData%\utorrent directory, in fact that directory doesn't exist. So, has anyone been able to successfully recovered from crash before, or is this at all recoverable or I gotta manually add everything again. I had about 350 torrents in it.

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4 hours ago, rafi said:

You probably overwritten resume.dat. I think you need to try and recover the older file(s) with some file recovery utility.

I did make a backup of all resume files before replacing. There were multiple resume files with numbers and an extension called BAD at the end. I renamed it to resume.dat and replaced it but it didn't work. There were a resume.dat file worth of 1KB and the ones that had BAD extension with numbers were 5000KB+.

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Well, the large one is more likely the one you need. You can try edit it with BEncode editor if you are lucky and it is not too corrupt.

And in the future - better make you own backup before each start/session (use a script to start).


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23 minutes ago, rafi said:

 You can try edit it with BEncode editor if you are lucky and it is not too corrupt.

https://sites.google.com/site/ultimasites/bencode-editor is this the site? There is no download link, I even tried searching in utorrent forum to see if anyone left any download link that might work, I did found one but that returns a 404 error. There are bunch of version on the site but none of them have any sort of links attached to their name. I found something called torrent file editor which apparently can edit .torrent and .dat file and tried opening a resume.dat file that was 5K KB but there is no root validation under "Tree" tab nor can I save it. But I opened a 1KB .dat file and I can save that. Is it because the older one is completely corrupt or am I missing something here? Btw, this is the first time I heard of BEncoder Editor, so completely a newbie in this section.

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On 10/8/2021 at 5:19 PM, MrBlackhole said:

Any explanation for why this happened?

Because with files that are being corrupted during crash-shutdown (like resume.dat),  there is no full proof method to detect and recover, at least uTorrent is not detecting this and not using the .old backup instead, and might be even corrupting it too...

This is why I always prefer to do my  own backup before each session in my own script...


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