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speed problems (of course)


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I have a Linksys WRT54G and yes I have port forward it correctly. And yes I have done the guide that is provided on this website, and yes I have used correct setting (I think) for uTorrent. I have the green light and every thing.

my speeds (courtesy of speakeasy):

Broadband Cable

Download Speed: 12120 kbps (1515 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 352 kbps (44 KB/sec transfer rate)

My Global Maximum Upload Rate is: 42 kb/s

My speed guide is:

Upload Limit: 42 kb/s Upload Slots: 5

Connections (per-torrent): 100 Connections (Global): 450

Max Active Torrents: 5 Max Active Downloads: 4


looks good? Like I said my connection is always on green. But the problem I have is, I'm trying download a file that is only 146mb. Im connected between 3 and 5 peers and my download speed is only at about 42 kb/s and upload at about .2 kb/s. That is INCREDIBLY SLOW!

i desperately need help.

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Even still, I suggest you read the entire setup guide like I linked to. There's a test torrent included in it to make sure everything's fine as well. I highly recommend you read it if you're just starting with µTorrent, as it makes life easier for yourself, and ourselves when we try to help you with your problems -- at least I know we're on the same page when you follow it through to the end.

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