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Where are recent Torrents/Downloads stored?


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Ok, all torrent files and downloaded/downloading files are stored in the corresponding customized user directories.

But is there anywhere ANOTHER place/file where these torrents/files are stored?

E.g. in internal utorrent tracker DBs or statistic files or logfiles or recent lists?

I don't want to leave any traces outside of the mentioned directories.


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Your answers are at least confusing or even wrong.

Assume I downloaded 10 torrents (and finished them).

Now I exit utorrent.

Then moved the downloaded files from specified "completed" utorrent directory to another (network) drive

and finally deleted all *.torrent files from "completedtorrents" utorrent directory.

Then I restarted utorrent and voila: all the previously downloaded stuff appears still in download window as lines.

I don't want this information!!

So there MUST be some source of information outside the "completed..." directories where the previous download information is stored.

So AGAIN: Which file contains this information?

How can I really, really erase this information?



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